Miscellaneous Projects

US&S Crossing Lamp Head
Here are some photos of a US&S crossing lamp head I was given for parts. I ended up finding the parts I needed elsewhere, so this was pretty much forgotten until I got bored and realized that it was pretty much intact and in decent shape. As usual, I forgot to take a true before picture, where the visor was folded in on itself from being dropped before I got it, but aside from that, the head is pictured pretty much as received.

Horn Rack
I needed a place to display my locomotive horns, so I once again hit up the pile behind the garage for some inspiration. I started with the base for a signal ladder, the rails from a scrapped ladder, and some hardware scrounged from the pile. Here's the result.
My ugly mug -North of Linden, IN

Photo by: David Sanderbeck

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