Missouri Pacific GRS Type G

Signal as received:
Overall the signal was in good shape, although
it did have the "trash can" visor on the front. Not
really caring much for that look, the goal was
to locate individual visors for each lamp.

Front view
There was a lot of surface rust on the target and a
heavy dent in the top edge of the target. Solid overall, though.

Rear 3/4 view
As received, the rear latches had been rigged with some
large washers and a household hasp to lock the signal. Those were
later replaced with correct hardware and the old holes filled.

Rear view
It's hard to see, but the upper vent had two
bullet holes in it. A good shot if they were from the same shooter.
Also notice the triangular plate in the center of the rear, that
has been replaced as shown later in the page.

After coming across some assorted parts, including a blank-out
plate, the signal was rebuilt as a two aspect lunar set up for a siding.
Soon after, I had some body work done before applying a new coat of paint.

Front view before paint

Front view after paint

Front 3/4 view after paint

Rear view after paint

Dave at work on the target

Final display configuration:
After final body work and paint, this
piece of MoPac history is placed on display.

Front View

Before and After Rear View
Before: Lots of rust, a couple bullet holes, and some rigged latches.
After: New paint, replacement of damaged parts, and some proper latches.

Of special note is the picture below;
The blue lens in the rear door is lighted when the signal displays
red by means of a small mirror above the bulb, providing a visual
confirmation to the rear that the signal is displaying stop.

Detail of the blue lens provided by Pump...
Notice that this is not lit at the moment, as I didn't feel like running
power to the signal. I simply opened the rear door to provide some light from
outside, but unexpectedly, I was able to capture the image of the two signals
that sit there.

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