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Dodge Magnum Concept
Someone posed the question of a modern El-Camino/Ranchero concept based on the Dodge Magnum. Here's my take on the idea.
Burlington & Norfolk Southern #9300 & 9305
I was asked to conceptualize what it might look like if the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the Norfolk Southern Railways were to merge.
Union Pacific "KC 135-2."
This is a photo of a United States Air Force Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker "repainted" for the Union Pacific Railroad at the request of a close personal friend.
2004 Ford Ranger Dually
Despite the fact that Ford Motor Company does not produce a vehicle in this configuration, I was surprised by the number of posters who thought that this vehicle was indeed real when posted on an internet message board.
"Precious Cargo" was the first edit I completed while a student at Purdue University. The original image is a screen capture of a Rhino 3-D rendering of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. While not photo-realistic, this formed the basis for my later work.
On a personal level, this is probably the most rewarding photo-edit I have done to date. The original photo is one of the few extant "on the job" photos of a friend's late grandfather at work on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Unfortunately, the other man's identity is unknown, and as such, the photo was altered as seen here.
One of the most sought-after railroad photographs is an "over & under." After waiting hours to catch the UP #2002, there just happened to be a train approaching on the bridge. Unfortunately the NS train was just a hair too far ahead when the 2002 was in the best spot.

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