Monon Grade Crossing Signal

The latest project for the PH MT&C shop is a Monon grade crossing signal. While not a completely accurate recreation, this project preserves the spirit of this unique prototype and is my tribute to The Hoosier Line.

A quick walk to my "long term storage area" (aka the junk pile behind the garage) yielded the traffic light hardware, various scrap metal, and other misc. hardware that would be used. The goal with this project was to use salvaged parts and materials as much as possilbe, purchasing only what was absolutely necessary.

This pic is of the initial mockup of signal heads and mast. At roughly 9' tall, it was an accurate height, but I have neither the space nor the desire to display something this tall, thus the decision to compress the scale.

All I needed at this point was a crossing signal base, some brackets, and appropriate traffic light heads.


All images © 2009 Scott R. Ikemeyer, unless otherwise noted.